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REMEDI Electronic Commerce Group Collaborates with IBM B2B Integra­tion Sales Team Selling Software And Services Solution to a Top 50 Bank Holding Company.

high-riseOur Client’s Challenge

The client had a competitive product for EDI and Managed File Transfer which they selected over IBM Sterling B2B Integrator in 2009.  As of spring 2013, they had been trying to implement the selected product for over 18 months, utilizing that firm's professional services group.  They were unable to get the product installed and operating in the desired state, were running out of the second round of professional services hours, and the client was on the edge of having to purchase another block of services hours.  With a production deadline of November, and a go-live slated for January 2014, the client sought options from IBM and REMEDI to determine if they stay the course with the competitor, or abandon that course in favor of an IBM / REMEDI solution.  The challenge for all concerned was arriving at the right solution that would solve client business requirements, and having the correct services approach to complete the installation, configuration, and deployment according to client deadlines.  The last and maybe the biggest concern expressed from the client, “can REMEDI accomplish in 3-6 months what the competitor could not accomplish in 18 months?"

The REMEDI Solution

After numerous planning sessions between IBM and REMEDI, and then with the client, it was proposed that the client abandon their current direction in favor of a B2B Gateway using IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Financial Standard Edition for their B2B and MFT needs.  This included year 2 and 3 of Subscription and Support given client’s desire to fix the price of future year’s maintenance.  Along with this, REMEDI proposed professional services for installation, configuration, and deployment utilizing its Rapid Deployment, Visibility, and Business Intelligence Framework.  A mapping team and project plan was also outlined that would convert maps associated with the initiative.  Utilizing this approach in conjunction with the REMEDI Framework assets, IBM and REMEDI felt that deployment and map conversion could be completed on the client’s timeline.

Successful Results

The client agreed that the proposed solution and approach would meet their objectives and signed the deal with REMEDI and IBM in April 2013.  After the procurement of the necessary hardware, the deployment began a number of weeks later.  To date the design, plan, and clustered implementation of Sterling Integrator and mail boxing is complete.  The Framework based business processes and other REMEDI companion solutions (workflow operations, communications protocols, message standards, message visibility portal (archive, search and display), and business intelligence portal) have also been configured and deployed.  At present, we are writing the necessary maps that include data transformation to/from client systems and EDI X12, NACHA/ACH, XML/CSV/etc. formats.  Given the timelines noted above we are ahead of the project schedule and slated to begin production testing in November in preparation for the January 2014 go-live.  In summary, the client is pleased with the results of the deployment and that we are moving towards an on-time implementation.


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